Why Go Solar?

Whatever your reason for being interested solar; know that you are making a positive change in the world. Going solar makes a great difference in the health of the environment and reduces pollution for future generations. Along with this, it reduces your electricity and hot water (gas or electric) bills, thus saving you money in the long term.

Pollution Reduction
A very important advantage of solar energy is that it doesn’t pollute the environment like other traditional energy sources we have become accustomed to. Solar energy gives a chance for sustainable use of the resources of the planet; in fact, solar technologies use no fuel at all other than the sun’s energy. The only actual resource investment is in producing the panels themselves, and then from there, they capture the solar energy and transform it into thermal energy, i.e. hot water or electricity. As far as emissions, there is no burning and no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere and thus no carbon footprint. For most homeowners, placing a set of Solar PV panels on your roof is all that’s needed, and from there on, you’ll have sufficient energy to be independent of environmentally harmful external energy sources.

Going Solar is an Easy Solution
Not only is solar energy clean, it is also space efficient (especially on roofs) – in this, solar does not take up the real estate space that is required by other green energy projects such as wind turbines or water-based power plants.
Solar energy is the perfect answer to the global movement for sustainable use of resources. It can give us the electricity we need without polluting the atmosphere or contributing toward climate change. It can not only reduce our bills, but it also helps us to live in a clean and healthy environment. More and more people are starting to think about the carbon footprints they leave behind, and the importance of preserving our planet to leave it beautiful and clean for the generations coming after us.
If you have never thought about the greenhouse effect you are creating, you can start to make a difference. Think about it – every time you watch TV, use your computer or the washing machine, you are causing pollution somewhere here on Earth. You may not see it and perhaps it’s far away, but it happens. We’re all connected – the small things build up and can cause environmental changes that affect us all.

Solar is Cost Effective
With the latest and greatest programs, you are able to get solar on your roof with the only major requirements of owning your home and having a credit score above 700. From there, the savings can easily outweigh the monthly payments you make, thus allowing you to start putting money in your pocket immediately while helping the planet at the same time. This makes it virtually a no-brainer to go solar. Not to mention the added benefits of feeling, and knowing that you are being a global role model!
To sum it all up, there are plenty of advantages and reasons for you to go solar – you will help preserve the health of our planet, it can save you lots of money, and you will be a positive example for others.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Ghandi